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LocoBuffer is a Do It Yourself (DIY) device that connects a computer to a Digitrax Loconet.  To read more about it, click here.

LocoIO is another DIY project that is documented on this Web site. Among other things, LocoIO is a device that allows you to build a remote CTC panel connected to a Loconet. To read more about LocoIO, click here.

RRCntl is free software that I also provide to be used with these projects. To read more about RRCntl, click here.

ISP is a free software program that allows you to program the PICís used in LocoBuffer and LocoIO. To read more about ISP, click here.

Digitrax and Loconet are trademarks of Digitrax Inc.

LocoBuffer information.

The Original LocoBuffer and LocoBuffer-II are currently the most reliable ways to connect a computer to a LocoNet® system. The commercial LocoBuffer-II unit is produced by Dick Bronson's RR-CirKits company, and based in part on the original LocoBuffer design documented here. For those that want to build up their own original design LocoBuffer you may get parts and boards from Hans deLoof. For those who would like to build a LocoBuffer-II you may purchase the circuit board from RR-CirKits, but you will need to rustle up your own parts.

LocoIO Info here.

LocoBuffer Info Here.

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